TerraCycle Easy Knees Pedal Swing and Crank Shortener Kit (Left)


Do you struggle with a “bad” knee or experience limited range of motion in one leg compared to the other? The Easy Knees Pedal Swing is the perfect solution, designed specifically to address this issue. Unlike other solutions that force you to compromise on an imperfect adjustment, the Easy Knees Pedal Swing allows you to find the ideal adjustment for each leg individually.

The Easy Knees Pedal Swing kit includes a crank shortener and a pedal swing, providing a comprehensive solution for your specific needs. It’s important to note that pedal swings are not used in pairs but are tailored to suit each leg separately.

Understanding how the swing works might be a bit challenging, but if you’ve ever encountered difficulties bending one knee as much as the other or noticed that one knee struggles to straighten completely, then the Easy Knees Pedal Swing is precisely what you need. This innovative solution enables you to maintain a natural pedal stroke with your “good” leg while accommodating a modified and more gentle pedal stroke for your other leg.

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