A perfect blend of performance, dynamic handling and comfort coupled with stunning looks and detailing to create the ultimate trike. With the lowest seating position of all ICE’s trikes, the VTX delivers superior performance that will put a smile on your face. A dynamic matte black color scheme and custom graphics make the VTX look as good as it rides.

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The VTX is the trike you need if you like to go fast. Sleek, lean, and finely tuned, the ICE VTX delivers superior performance for the most exacting rider. Super-charged with technical expertise and specialist knowledge, the ICE VTX is a different breed of recumbent trike.

The VTX now holds Two World Records for fastest trike in the WUCA 100km and 100m outdoor solo male trike class. Jochem Leemans from the Netherlands set a blistering average speed of 25.72mph for 100km. That’s very fast! And not forgetting the VTX was the fastest trike in its class, winning the prestigious world human powered vehicle championships (WHPVA) for two years running.

This demonstrates the winning pedigree of ICE’s world class flagship VTX performance trike, and is also underpinned by ICE’s whole range of trike models. Every stage; from trike design, specification of components, the build and assembly, with rigorous attention to detail, gives you the peace of mind you’ll be riding the best performing range of trikes in the world. All backed up with ICE’s 10-year warranty and their enviable reputation.


An optimized cruciform and one piece handlebar provide stability and nimble handling no matter what the speed.
Fitted with indirect steering for natural, intuitive handling from the first ride. As your pace increases, handling remains controlled, predictable and light, even when taking tight corners. The steering system dissipates vibrations and shock before they reach your hands to give a comfortable and safe feel, even at high speed.
ICE’s no brake steer geometry keeps braking forces independent of steering control, so the steering of the trike is not affected by braking at speed, uneven braking or cornering.


A low seat position and recline angle as little as 25° minimizes frontal area and reduces aerodynamic drag.


Carefully considered design and specialized components, such as a lightweight boom and carbon fiber seat, brings the VTX in at just over 30lbs. Beautifully sculpted, the hydroforming process gives the rear frame optimal strength and stiffness while remaining lightweight.


ICE’s frames are designed to respond to the forces of the rider and road. Every element of the VTX frame has been engineered to complement the other, giving ICE trikes their famed riding characteristics.

Each frame is made from the finest aircraft-grade heat-treated 4130 Chromoly steel and 7005 T6 heat-treated aluminum. Chromoly steel is used in the center frame cruciform section for the perfect combination of strength, fatigue resistance and vibration absorption. Aluminum is used in the rear hydroformed frame and front boom because it is strong, lightweight and absorbs dynamic forces while ensuring maximum power transfer.

All frames are powder-coated for a beautiful durable showroom finish, while other components are anodized for durability.


The VTX and the Sprint X share the same race wheel set. The black state of the art, custom lightweight race wheels are lighter than the previous wheels. They are more aerodynamic in having a modern aero section profile.

They feature a 700c rear wheel and are tubeless ready as standard to save even more weight. Available with either reliable low maintenance 70mm drum or powerful lightweight disc brake options.


The VTX is fitted with the ICE Air-Pro carbon fiber seat as standard. The seats are handmade from carbon fiber in-house by ICE’s master craftsmen and provide exceptional stiffness with minimal weight, weighing in at 1.1kg.
The Air-Pro shell is an anatomically contoured shape which is available in two sizes (medium & large). The shell supports the rider through aggressive cornering and provides a firm brace to pedal against while flexing where appropriate for comfort. ICE’s Rider Positioning System allows you to tailor the trike to you. The shell has incorporated wings unlike most of its competitors, which reduces weight and increases efficiency.
The ICE neck rest is included with the Air-Pro carbon fiber seat.

Read More about the Air-Pro seat


The VTX features ICE’s easy access swept cruciform, creating improved heel clearance while pedaling and making it easier to get on and off the trike.


Large Wheel for low rolling resistance

Rigid rear triangle for maximum power to the road.

ICE Air-Pro Hard Shell Seat


Overall width 29.5″ (750mm)
Overall height 27.2″ (690mm)
Overall length 80″-90.2″ (2030mm-2290mm)
Seat height 5.9″ (150mm)
Seat angle adjustment 25-32 degrees
Turning circle 24′ 3″ (7.4m)
Rider weight limit 230lbs (104kg)
Overall weight (from) 30.4lbs (13.8kg)
Rider size (X-seam) 37″-48″ (940-1219mm)
Track width 27.5″ (700mm)
Ground clearance
(ride height adjusted)
2.6″ (65mm)
Wheel base 48″-49.2″ (1220mm-1250mm)