Pair of 26″ Front Wheels for 90mm Drum Brakes


Make your Adventure HD more adventurous.

Using a standard Adventure seat on an Adventure HD is highly recommended (pretty much required) for these wheels to have enough room to steer.

Special order only.

90mm Sturmey Archer Drum × 2

Drum hub only. 36 hole.

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ICE Rim: JetSet 26 inch CH-180 Black: 36H with eyelets

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Sapim Race Spokes 2.0/1.8/2.0mm Black 234mm × 72

Used for 26" JetSet 90mm drum wheels

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Sapim Nipple 14 Gauge Brass Polyax - 12mm Silver / Secure Lock × 72

  • Polyax design features a round shape of the head that works like a ball-joint between the rim and nipple ensuring a better spoke/nipple line
  • Aluminum: 7075-T6 aluminum, special coating on thread and nipple surface to further reduce corrosion and reduce friction between spoke/nipple and nipple/rim
  • Brass: nickel coated

150 in stock , more can be backordered

Labor: Wheel Build

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Out of stock - but can be backordered. Delivery times for backorders vary by manufacturer.

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