ICE Sturmey Archer 70mm Drum Brake Shoes and Plate


Choose the axle hole diameter to match your spacer size. Spacers sold separately.

NOTE: this is “left” and “right” on ICE trikes.

Sturmey Archer makes these for bikes, with an ‘F’ and an ‘R’ on them (Front & Rear). ICE puts the ‘F’ (front) brake on the right side of their trikes and the ‘R’ (rear) brake on the left side. That’s left/right while sitting on the trike facing forward.

Other manufacturers do things differently. e.g. Greenspeed puts the ‘R’ (rear) on the right.

Then you have to to consider choosing the correct center hole size for the spacer that you have, or need.

Know what you’re doing, or call us first.

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