Shimano Battery Mount, BM-E8016, For STEPS W/O Key Cylinder, Battery Cable Length 250mm


SHIMANO STEPS – Battery Mount – Down Tube Position.

This is the new heavy duty mount required to hold the larger 630 Wh batteries. This has a metal support bracket and a plastic cover, whereas the older mount was all plastic. Additionally, the hinge tab is smaller on this new mount, which is required for the 630Wh batteries. The previous older mount’s tab will not fit into the smaller mounting slot of this newer larger battery.

This mount is backwards compatible with Shimano’s 504 Wh and 418 Wh batteries.

If you are upgrading from an older (BM-E8010 – 418Wh or 504Wh) mount, you can reuse your original lock. Otherwise you’ll need to get a new AXA or ABUS lock.

Changing to this mount on an existing ICE trike will require splicing four wires.

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