ICE Parking Brake Kit Rear BB7 caliper and 160mm Disc


Kit to add a disc rear parking brake to your ICE trike.

ICE Brakes: Avid G2 Rotor Pack w/bolts 160mm (Single)

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ICE Parking Brake Lever (Left Hand)

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Avid/ SRAM 20mm IS Disc Brake Adaptor, Fits 180mm Front and 160mm Rear Rotors

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ICE Brake: Avid BB7 Caliper Rear: with 2 mounting bolts

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ICE Cable: Jagwire Gear Cable A3 Outer Braided Black LEX 4.5mm per Centimeter × 120

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Jagwire 4mm Sealed Nylon End Cap × 2

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Cable End Cap x 1

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Pro Tie B8SD100 8-Inch Standard Duty Cable Tie, UV Black Nylon × 2

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