Radical Design Wheelie V Traveller HD walking trailer


The Wheelie V Traveller HD Walking Trailer is the standard model equipped with a 75 liter bag. In this fifth version Radical TIG welded the bushings and placed an extra crossbar making this the strongest and most rigid frame to date. Also the hipbelt has been completely redesigned and is now fully adjustable to be even more comfortable.

This HD version is the latest model with minor improvements to the bag and buckles.

Comes standard with black bag, solid tires, wheels with industrial closed bearings and bright yellow raincover.

The Wheelie Walking Trailer is used in pilgrimages, walking vacations and expeditions but also to carry professional equipment in many parts of the world. The Wheelie Walking Trailer is the innovative alternative for a backpack and has been specifically developed for long distance Hiking without strain to neck and back.

Since Radical introduced the Walking Trailer over 15 years ago it has become familiar with long distance hikers worldwide. With its two wheels and balanced load the Wheelie takes all the strain away from back and shoulders.
The Wheelie holds loads up to 40kg and even fully loaded the weight on the hips can be adjusted to be minimal. With its two wheels you can either hold the tow bars, walk with Hiking Poles or even with the trailer just attached to your hips.

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