Radical Design Crutch Bag


We worked with Radical Design in The Netherlands to create the ultimate forearm crutch bag.

If you have been on crutches for some months, or indefinitely, then you know how frustrating it is to try to take something out of your pocket without dropping a crutch. It’s even more frustrating to buy a crutch bag to solve this problem, only to find out it creates new ones.

Our crutch bag is intended to be the final word on this: designed by users, solving all frustrations with what’s on the market to date. Even with the zippers open, your belongings are prevented from spilling out the side by a fabric panel. With the zippers closed and the Velcro fastened, your contents are secure. Wide opening for easy access.

The product is a bag. Neither the crutch nor any contents are included.

Made in The Netherlands.

Not accepting backorders - Until further notice

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