Preparedness Kit Base

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Flats can happen. Make sure to carry at least the minimum you’ll need for your on the road or trail ride. If you can’t fix it yourself, someone might come by who can help. But they can’t help if you don’t have the essentials.

Surly Tool Bag

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Park Tool MTC-30 Multi-Tool

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Park Tool TL-1.2 Tire levers Set of 3

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Park Tool VP-1 Patch Kit

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Park Tool GP-2 Pre-Glued Super Patch Kit (6 Patches)

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Park Tool TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot Set

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Grease Monkey Individual Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes × 2

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Zealios Sun Barrier SPF 45 Sunscreen - 10ml Pocket Packet (0.34 fl oz)

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MSW Windstream Twist 20 Kit with two 20g CO2 Cartridges

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