Park Tool CT-3.3 Screw Type Chain Tool


  • A professional quality shop chain tool that works on 5-speed to 12-speed Road and Mountain Bike derailleur chains*, including SRAM® AXS™ 12 speed, as well as 1/8” and 3/16” chains
  • The CT-3.3 features an adjustable locating shelf so it works on any width chain to remove and install chain rivets
  • Built to last and easy to use, the CT-3.3 features a comfortable handle, investment cast steel body and replaceable driving pin (#CTP)
  • The CT-3.3 will install, but not peen, Campagnolo® 11 and 12-speed chain rivets

The chain tool pin portion of this tool is considered a wear item and is not covered by Park Tool’s warranty. You might want to get a spare pin in case you break one. They’re not expensive. As always, RTFM. We’ve gone years on the same pin on a communal tool. Oddly, Park Tool does not include a spare to make it clear that they consider it a wear item.

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Park Tool CTP Chain Tool Pin for CT2, CT-3, CT-5 and CT-7, Card of 2

Made from hardened alloy tool steel. Uses 7mm or 9/32" 12 pt box end/socket.

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