Miranda – Delta LS Crankset (150mm) for EP8


These are made for EP8 motors. Other cranks made for Shimano E6100 and E8000 will not fit on EP8 drive units. If you want short cranks for a STEPS motor, these are the way to go.

  • Cold-forged aluminum alloy
  • Standard (Black)
  • For E-BIKE – Shimano EP8
  • Length: 150mm
  • Q-Factor: Q 16 RF

Award-winning crank made to be e-mobile Miranda’s award-winning Delta crank is manufactured through a proprietary cold-forging process with cutting-edge metal processing technologies. A dedicated engineering process to eliminate weak points by distributing loads is seamlessly applied to produce a lightweight crank without compromising its exceptional resistance to fatigue and high-impact stress. The Delta is available in several new finishes that take advantage of its minimalist aesthetics and clean design, which make it a sophisticated enhancement to any bicycle’s overall look. The singular Delta will give a distinct touch of exclusivity to any bicycle.

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