ICE Titanium front axles (pair)


Get your baby some bling! That way they won’t be as mad when they discover you bought these gorgeous axles for your trike. Not just pretty, actually reduces the weight of your trike by a massive 2.25 oz. (about 64g). Besides, what’s wrong with jewelry? It could make you feel like you’re floating up hills when you think about them while riding!

Lightweight titanium axles, these are available as an optional upgrade giving a weight saving of around 66g and a bit of extra bling to your trike.

Axle length: ca. 100 mm

Axle diameter: ca. 12 mm

Diameter cover bolt cap: ca. 28 mm

Bolt inside: M8 x 16 mm

This option is not compatible with the SON dynamo hub.

1 in stock , more can be backordered

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