ICE Adventure 20 E-Assist – Rear Suspension, STEPS EP8, 630Wh Battery, Enviolo Hub (Blue)


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Extended through September: ICE Summer Special – get the 630Wh battery completely FREE and also a FREE OTR Pack

Experience the leisurely joy of recumbent riding aboard the exquisitely crafted Adventure. Featuring a comfortably elevated seating arrangement, rugged aesthetics, and impressive riding capabilities, the Adventure is perfectly poised to glide along open roads, uncover concealed trails, and embark on journeys of exploration into uncharted territories.

To ensure the highest level of service, we usually limit the availability of our trikes to local pickup only.

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ICE Sidepods for Use With Ergo-Flow or Ergo-Luxe Seat Covers (Pair)

These custom ICE side pods have been specially made for ICE's newest seat covers and are ideal for day riding or commuting. Includes a pair of bags, one left and one right. The bags each fit directly onto the side of the seat cover hooks, can be used singly, and can be quickly removed from the trike. Eliminating the need for over the seat straps or a rear rack. The zip opening is arranged so that the front of each bag can be opened while riding along - perfect for getting at the snack bars or a camera. Available in any color you want, as long as it's black, with reflective tapes at the rear.

This version fit's all Ergo-Luxe covers and any of the newer Ergo-Flow if the cover has the integrated side tabs.

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