Comprehensive Trike Tune-Up


Keep your trike running smoothly and frustration free.

  • Clean and lubricate chain
  • Check bottom bracket for play
  • Check chainring bolts
  • Check pedals
  • Check front derailleur cable
  • Front derailleur bottom stop
  • Front derailleur top stop
  • Check boom for tightness
  • Check steering heads
  • Check axles/quick releases
  • Check left brake cable
  • Check right brake cable
  • Check left wheel for true
  • Check right wheel for true
  • Check left spokes
  • Check right spokes
  • Check left rotor bolts
  • Check right rotor bolts
  • Adjust left brake
  • Adjust right brake
  • Check suspension bushings left
  • Check suspension bushings right
  • Check Heim joints for wear and jam-nut tightness
  • Check steering pivot
  • Check tie rods and jam nuts
  • Check chain tubes and idlers
  • Check steering bar clamps
  • Check toe-in
  • Check mirrors and mounts
  • Check seat clamps
  • Check frame bolts
  • Check hinge release lever
  • Check rear seat mount
  • Check neck rest bolts
  • Check flag mount
  • Check rear suspension pivots
  • Check elastomer
  • Check suspension bolts
  • Check parking brake rotor bolts
  • Adjust parking brake
  • Check rear derailleur cable
  • Check top stop
  • Check bottom stop
  • Check B-Adjustment
  • Check/clean jockey wheels
  • Check indexing
  • Adjust derailleur cable
  • Check rear axle or QR for tightness
  • Check rear wheel for true
  • Check rear wheel spokes
  • Inspect tires
  • Check tire pressure

Additional repair parts are extra, if any are needed.

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