ICE Handlebar Middle Tube (Locking)


New locking handlebar tube.

Install along with two handlebar locator clamps to upgrade your ICE trike to 2018 and newer specifications.

Keeps your bars firmly in the same position after unfolding and while riding. Requires less clamping pressure from the Handlebar Clamp Quick Release than without the locking tube and clamps. You can continue use your original handlebar quick release clamps.

The bolts that hold the tie-rod ends to the Handlebar Middle Tube are Torx head bolts with LOCTITE (thread lock), so be careful not to strip the heads when removing them. e.g. don’t try to use an Alan bit. A heat gun might be advisable to soften the LOCTITE, but is usually not required. Use fresh blue LOCTITE when reinstalling the bolts.


You’ll need to re-set the toe-in when replacing this part. See the video below, or call if you need a hand.

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