ICE Banana Racer bags for Hardshell Seat Including Banana Racer Spacer

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Banana Racer bags for Hardshell Seat includes the Banana Racer Spacer.

Radical Design Banana Racer

The Banana Racer recumbent panniers don't need a rack, they are fully suspended from the seat. A solution for recumbents that can't take rack bags or seat bags. With foam reinforcement and mesh pockets. One Banana Racer consists of a left and a right pannier, connected by adjustable straps. Banana Racer panniers fit both hard shell and mesh seats. Much like the ICE Radical Special Sidepods for standard seats, but with adjustable straps instead of seat bar clips (the universal bag uses a third strap), and no ICE logo.

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ICE Banana Racer Spacer for Hardshell Seat

An essential simple frame to hold the Banana Racer bags away from the frame and chain line. Comes as standard with the Banana Racer bags for hardshell seat.

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