** SOLD ** ICE Sprint X RS STEPS 8000 with Enviolo Automatiq ** SOLD **


  • ICE Ergo-Luxe seat
  • Avid BB7 disc brakes
  • Neck Rest
  • Wrist Rests
  • Parking Brake
  • Marathon Plus Tires
  • Complete with on the road pack including:
    • Rear mudguard (fender)
    • Shimano XT SPD touring pedals
    • Mirror
    • ICE flag

NEW Enviolo Fully Automatiq Gear shifting hub and optional larger 630Wh battery

The Enviolo Automatiq Hub features truly fully automatic gear shifting technology and is available for Adventure, Adventure HD and Sprint X TourShimano STEPS E-Assist 26″ rear wheel trikes. 

Simply set and forget your desired cadence once and the Enviolo Hub will constantly adjust its internal gear ratio to maintain a steady smooth cadence regardless of the speed or riding conditions that you encounter. If you ride uphill it will adjust to a lower gear ratio for you and if you ride downhill it will do the opposite. It’s very clever!

The hub lets you focus on what’s important, like enjoying your ride!


  • Fully automatic, stepless gear changing
  • Seamless integration with ICE Shimano STEPS 26″ equipped trikes
  • Optimum efficient gear ratio in all situations
  • Set your desired cadence once and the hub will constantly adjust its internal gearing ratios to maintain a steady cadence
  • Riders are able to focus on the ride not changing gear
  • Designed to shift under full load with no loss of power – no need to ease off, ideal for hilly riding conditions so you don’t lose momentum
  • Always in the right gear, even when pulling away from a sudden stop
  • Ideal for riders who have trouble or are distracted with gear changing
  • Great 380% gear range. E.G. the hub can keep you at a steady 65 rpm while riding at speeds between 5 and 20mph
  • Near silent and maintenance-free gear changing
  • Easy setup and easy to use through an intuitive controller interface
  • Wireless technology. Easy to use handlebar controller or Bluetooth Smartphone App
  • Available on Adventure, Adventure HD, and Sprint X Tour 26″ config trikes
  • Manufacturer two-year warranty on Enviolo

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