ICE Sprint X Tour – E-Assist – Rear Suspension – STEPS E6100 38T: 504 WH Battery: Shimano Alfine Di2 HUB: 8-Speed Auto-Shift – 2019 (Renewed)



We combined a low mileage trike (245 miles) with a Shimano STEPS e-assist system trade from an e-assist system upgrade. Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires.

Taken apart, cleaned, inspected, all parts serviced, and expertly reassembled; with many many new parts. Your chance to own an almost like-new trike at a substantial savings over new.

  • Low mileage frame (245 miles)
  • New wheels
  • New disc brake rotors
  • New disc parking brake
  • New rear tire
  • New Ergo-Luxe seat, cover, frame, and mounts
  • New inner tubes
  • New Shimano STEPS display
  • New cranks & pedals
  • New rear mudguard (fender)
  • New chain
  • New battery lock & key (high security)

Please contact us to discuss trike shipping options and costs.

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ICE Wrist Rests (Pair)

Designed to comfortably and stylishly support the rider's wrists while riding your trike. Ideal for long journeys and riders with limited grip or strength. Incredible comfort & wrist support while riding. Lightweight construction and adjustable, weighing only 70g each. Easy to fit, simply snap onto your handlebar and tighten. Fits all ICE models, except the VTX and is compatible with other trike manufacturers, with a vertical 22.2 mm ø handlebar size. Washable wrist pad. Sold as a pair, for both handlebars.

ICE Neck Rest for Mesh Seats

The ICE neck rest is fully adjustable for both height and angle, and can be fitted to ICE mesh seats to provide neck support for increased comfort on long rides.

Fitted with a removable padded cover the cover can be removed to adjust the tension on the pad itself.

This is for ICE 1" seat bars. It's not going to fit brands other than ICE.

ICE Easy Adjust Kit for Leg Length (Clamp Style)

New Easy Adjust with hinged clamp that allow the adjuster to be fitted without removing the boom. Especially helpful for installation on STEPS booms. No need to disconnect the wiring to add or remove an Easy Adjust any longer.

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