BionX Bluetooth Module

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Access the new BionX Smartphone App with any BionX system for the most immersive experience!


The new BionX Bluetooth Module is functional with any system equipped with an RC3 Controller, designed to allow access to the BionX Smartphone App (available on the App Store and Google Play). This device will allow you to interact with your smartphone through the RC3 Controller, offering voice feedback and screen selection at the touch of a button.

App features include:

Battery Level
Assist or Regenerate Level
Light Indicator
Average Speed
Trip Distance
Heart Rate
…and more!

Additional features:

  • Complete offline mapping to offer data-free navigation with directions
  • Voice feedback at the touch of a button
  • Alerts that work with your heart rate monitor including automatic assist adjust and peak heart rate notification
  • Food and hydration reminders, and a motor torque alert to remind you to save battery energy
  • Audio playback so you can access your tunes through the app
  • Track your routes on the BionX Web Portal to watch your progress and share with friends!

Smartphone not included.

Additional Notes:

The Bluetooth Module is plugged in series between the RC3 and the DS3 (where applicable) and mounted on the underside of the bicycle stem if possible.

With BionX out of business, this is unsupported. All sales are final. No returns.

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