With the Gekko fx 20, a small change in attitude offers great new prospects. Sit back and relax in the comfortable seat. Put your feet on the pedals and enjoy the panoramic view. Plenty of riding pleasure ahead of you!


Folding Tricycle with a Unique Twist

Particularly useful: All components remain mounted on the trike – unlike conventional folding trikes, in which the seat, wheels or rack must be removed first and transported separately All this is made possible by HP Velotechnik’s patented Dual Flat Fold (D.F.F.) folding system, which uses only two quick-release levers for the Gekko fx 20. With a little practice, you can fold your Gekko fx 20 into a compact size of 83 x 52 x 82 cm (32¾ x 20½ x 32 1/3″) in ten seconds.

Your Gekko fx 20 Shows Ergonomics at Its Best

Finally, a cycle on which you’d like to remain seated for another round after the tour. In terms of ergonomics, your Gekko fx 20 is far superior to conventional upright bikes. Instead of balancing your whole body weight on a small, hard saddle, lean back comfortably in the wide mesh seat. The incline of the anatomically shaped backrest can be variably adjusted. It offers pleasant back support and relieves your spine. Relax: You can simply forget about an aching bottom, numb private parts, aching spinal discs or a stiff neck.

To make it easy for you to get in and get out the frame cross member that connects the front wheels is bent backward in such a way that you can put your feet securely on the ground close to the seat. Smaller riders will appreciate the built-in, extra wide heel clearance of the Gekko fx 20.

In the recumbent position you spare your knees when pedaling and can systematically regulate the stress of the muscles during fitness training. The sporty pedal position of the Gekko fx 20 enables an optimal power support in the seat and gives you a streamlined, fully relaxed posture. Due to the open upper body posture, constricting pressure on the abdomen and your organs is avoided. Instead, the lungs can fully enlarge and bring your cardiovascular system to full capacity. Learn fast on the Gekko fx 20. Riding pleasure is the best heart rate accelerator!


Optional Features

Do you have your own ideas of your ideal trike? A whole range of reliable accessories and components is available for your recumbent trike, all of which have been specially developed to excel in everyday use.

The Details at a Glance

Your Gekko fx 20 has these technical refinements on board as standard.


Seat height 13.7″ (35 cm)
Seat angle adjust 39 – 47 degrees
Wheel size (front wheel) 20″ (ISO 406)
Wheel size (rear wheel) 20″ (ISO 406)
Max. tire width 5 cm (2″)
Bottom bracket height 15″ – 19″ (38–48 cm)
Ground clearance (ride height adjusted) 5-1/8″ (13 cm)
Wheel base 39-1/3″ (100 cm)
Track width 31″ (78 cm)
Width 33″ (83 cm)
Length 65 –78″ (165–197 cm)
Height 32.7″ (83 cm)
Turning circle 14′ (4.25 m)
Folding size 32-3/4 x 20-1/2 x 32 1/3″ (83 × 52 × 82 cm)
Weight (from) 35lbs (15.8kg)
Payload max 286lbs (130kg)
Rider height 5’3″– 6’6″ (1.60 – 2.00 m)