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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why ride a trike?
  • It will be one of the most fun and relaxing things you will ever experience.
  • They attract attention.
  • There are a number of different styles to choose from for your specific wants and needs including rear tire size (tadpole trike).
  • They are fun. More fun means more exercise. More exercise means better health.
  • As we age or for medical reasons balance can be an issue when riding a bicycle. Not so when riding a trike.
  • If you have other medical issues a trike can be very liberating by regaining your independence.
  • You can pull up to a stop sign/light and never have to unclip your feet from the pedals.
How comfortable are they?
  • By spreading your body weight over a much larger seating area than on a tiny bike seat gives new meaning to the term “comfort”.
  • It’s like riding a chaise lounge, but more maneuverable.
  • A much more comfortable seat means less neck, shoulder, back, hand, wrist and posterior discomfort.
Do I need special clothing?
You don’t need special padded shorts to ride a trike. You may want to wear hi-tech cooling and hi-vis clothing.
How's visibility?
The reclined seating position lets you enjoy the scenery instead of the dirt on the road and makes you more aware of your surroundings.
How safe are they?
  • They are pretty much impossible to flip forward.
  • Most drivers give you a wide berth, smile and wave.
  • Trikes are stable. Loose gravel, sand, ice, a tire blowout, etc. will not cause a tire to slide out and send the trike and you crashing to the ground.
  • In the event of an accident, there is a shorter distance to fall than on an upright bike and the rider will most likely fall on their side instead of their head.
How easy are they to pedal?
  • The high seat back allows you to use more leverage to get more pedal power by pushing with your back against the seat.
  • You don’t waste energy by having to balance the trike on a slow steep climb.
Is it fun?
Very high Wheeee factor! Especially on the downhills.
How useful are they?
They make a great year round commuter, great for touring, and hauling groceries.
How do you transport one?
All ICE trikes fold, except for the VTX, so you can transport them in the back of your station wagon, mini van or hatchback. There are even receiver-mount racks so you can carry your trike on the rear of your car.
Anything Else?
Did we mention they were fun?

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We willl be at:

Boulder Beer Company – 2880 Wilderness Place – Boulder, CO – 80301

For the Tour de Victory Cycling Classic.

Demos will be available at the event.