Why do prices go up when I buy more of this item, isn’t that backwards?

Because before we implemented this policy some people would buy our entire inventory of a particular part leaving none for anyone else in the country until we could restock, which can take weeks until we have a large enough order to cover the now very high international shipping costs, which we have not passed on in our prices. In response we would then up our inventory-on-hand to a larger number only to have someone else hoard all of them again. Apparently because we were out for three weeks from the last guy, and now this next guy is panicking and wants fifty lifetimes worth to feel, “safe” just for them to rot in their drawer. And then we have to start keeping unlisted reserves so we can still service trikes here.

We had the same problem with many items recently, inner tubes for example. Supplies were tight for a while and when we finally got some in again one guy buys all 25 of them leaving many other people who were waiting for tubes without access to any. Doesn’t hurt us (except for service), just everyone else in the US.