Finally, after a two year search, we have found what we believe is the
perfect electric assist for our trikes. *
Whether commuting, because of
physical limitations, or just for fun,
can make your journey easier--all
the time, or just when you need it
the most.
Hooks up to your trike or bike in just a
couple of minutes.  Really!

Throttle controlled.  Apply power in
concert with pedaling for maximum
distance or all by itself.

Power assist up to 19 mph (20 mph is
the legal limit for bike trails and bicycle

Carry extra gear, groceries, etc. under
the lid of the Ridekick trailer.  This
weather resistant storage compartment
is lockable and there is a metal loop on
the tongue to lock Ridekick to/with your
trike or bike.

Designed to be safe and stable
including in turns, when stopped, and
when moving unattached.

(Even has an auxiliary USB power port!)
24” wide x 39” long* x 16” tall (60.9 cm x 99 cm x
40.6 cm)

40 pounds with battery pack (18.1 kg)

Cargo Capacity
Rated to 75 lbs (incremental to the Ridekick™)
(34.02 kg)
41.8 liters of cargo capacity inside the unit

500 watt electric brush motor

Battery Pack
Sealed lead acid (SLA) battery: 24 volt , 12 amp
Standard configuration weight of battery: 18.8
pounds (8.5 kg)

UL certified 2 amp Smart Charger with LED status
Full battery maximum charge time: 6 hours
Charging temperature: 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)

Digitally proportional lever action

Microprocessor based smart controller
Scrolling diagnostic display
Battery damage protection
Ridekick™ End-User Warranty

Ridekick International will provide a 1 year warranty from all manufacturing
defects on the Ridekick™ power trailer to the end customer from the date of
purchase. The Ridekick™ battery is covered by a separate warranty and
therefore is not covered under the general product warranty. Warranty applies
to the original owner only and can not be transferred. Extended warranty
contracts can be purchased directly from Ridekick International.

Ridekick™ End-User Battery Warranty

Ridekick International will provide a 6 month warranty from all manufacturing
defects on the Ridekick™ battery pack to the end customer from the date of
Ridekick Power Trailer 900HT

The Ridekick™ power trailer is a motorized trailer that hooks to almost any trike or
bicycle and propels the rider up to 19 miles per hour for a distance of about 12
miles--more with pedaling--and carries about 2 grocery bags of cargo. It is designed
and assembled in Colorado.



1 base unit
1 base lid
1 sealed lead-acid battery with battery bag
1 hitch plate
1 throttle
10 hook and loop straps
Quick-release; attaches to rear hub

Speed Control
Regulated by hand-operated throttle
Maximum speed: 19 mph¹ (30.6 km/h)

Expected distance: 12 miles¹ (19.3 km)

Actual Distance/Speed¹
Dependent upon:

Degree of pedaling combined with Ridekick use
(more pedaling, less Ridekick = further distance)
Weight of rider
Weight of load carried
Temperature (colder = less distance)
Terrain (more hills = less distance)
Trike and Ridekick tire pressure

30 amps

Maximum Tire Pressure
35 psi

Tire Size
12 ½” x 2 ¼ ” (31.75 cm x 5.715 cm)

¹Speed and distance dependent upon: Degree of
pedaling combined with Ridekick use, weight of
rider, weight of load carried, temperature, terrain,
and tire pressure.
Technical Data:
Second/replacement SLA battery pack
Extra throttle                                              
Extra hitch                                                
Throttle extension cable                
For additional information visit Ridekick here:  
Whether and how to add electric assist to a trike has always been a quandary for us.  Does the trike
remain an exercise machine or does it become a form of transportation?  Adding permanent electric
power to a trike or bike turns it into more of a vehicle for transportation. The Ridekick removes the
problem for us in that the trike by itself is as it was--an exercise machine. Simply hook up the
Ridekick trailer and it is transformed into excellent transportation.  This is such a great option for
those who need or want the availability of power assist without modifying their trike or bike.